Smiling Faces, Sometimes….

Did you know several years ago I was told none of the sister’s trust you?  I was told not to trust you or tell you anything important either.  You seem to have a well known reputation for repeating anything you hear or are told.  At first I didn’t want to believe it.  Not my sweet sister.  The sister who everyone thought was my twin growing up.  Partly because Mom dressed us alike in clothes Auntie bought for us and partly because we were just thirteen months apart; I thought our bond was special.

It was a shock when I heard this, but I felt in every fiber of my being it was true.  I even created a painting to get my feelings out, while playing the song “smiling faces” in my head.  You remember that song by the Temptations don’t you?

Smiling faces sometimes
Pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces
Of evil that lurks within

I’m a-tellin’ you beware of the pat on the back
It just might hold you back
Jealousy, (jealousy) misery (misery) envy (envy)

From that moment on everything I told you in so called confidence was calculated.  What better way to get a message to the sisterhood than with my own homing pigeon (you), well trained to deliver messages that I couldn’t.

Of course I had to play the part of the betrayed, hurt sister.  It seemed like you believed my performance.  Never did you show any remorse or glimmer of regret.  If you did, I would have had to change my game plan.  You never disappoint; always predictable.  Bravo to a job well done.